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Mar 05, 2011

Your weekend reading list

Satbir Singh, chief creative officer, Euro RSCG India, explains his reading habits, and what's on his bedside table these days

Your weekend reading list

Here's what Satbir Singh, chief creative officer, Euro RSCG India, had to say when we asked him what books have got his attention at the moment:

"I don't multitask my reading and usually like to finish a book at a go. However, schedule makes that a bit of a task nowadays. I now pick up several books together and many of them remain unread for months.

Here, then, are a few on my bedside table. They will be all be read one day. I think.

'He knew the woman he loved had poisoned her first husband. He knew someone was blackmailing her- and now he knew she had taken her own life with a drug overdose.'

Would you like to guess? The writer's outsold apparently only by the Bible and Shakespeare.

Last week, I picked up The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie for old time's sake. Few things make you as nostalgic as revisiting your school/college reading habits.

'Very good, sir.'

I am always re-re-reading PGW. For me, a Wodehouse book is not quite a book as much as it is a DIY mood-uplifter. There's always one within a stretched-arm-yawn's reach. It keeps, to quote you-know-who, the old lemon throbbing fiercely.

'I pay them to make women envious.'

That's Coco Chanel talking about the role of fashion models. I picked up Colin McDowell's Fashion Today (Phaidon) seeing some outstanding era-defining photographs from the world of fashion. It follows the evolution of fashion beginning with Christian Dior's 1947 collection. It also comes in a massive gym-substituting size so you feel significantly pumped-up biceps after a ten-minute leaf-through.

Over time, while I no longer feel the need to read a book as much as, say, eating or drinking, I cannot live without my monthly dose of GQ (UK edition), Wallpaper, India Today, Outlook, Elle, Harpers.

I also regularly read Noddy and other kiddy books aloud to our 3-year-old son at bedtime!"

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