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Dec 11, 2010

Your weekend reading list

Vedobroto Roy, associate vice president and creative director at Cheil India, is a fan of Ruskin Bond

Your weekend reading list

Vedobroto Roy, associate vice president and creative director at Cheil India, told Campaign India about what books have got his attention at the moment:



"I am reading three books and a manuscript over the past couple of weeks. I am a lover of stories...and who could be a better story-teller than Mr. Ruskin Bond. His simplicity keeps me smiling as I read and his 'twist'...the simple unexpected...keeps me awake, wishing my imagination was as fertile. But then, that's Ruskin Bond. Have loved him since my childhood....and he can still move my 'mid-life crisis' mind. 

'Ghost stories from the Raj' is a selection of experiences by the Sahibs in later parts of the 19th century. These are stories that we have probably heard our grand-dad telling us when we would bug him, as kids. 

Nothing beats the small ghostly experience in the introduction itself, by Mr. Bond! 

I am also in the middle of 'The Penguin Book of Indian Railway Stories', by Ruskin Bond again. The same reasons. The same love. Just a lot more smiles. 

Am also reading a non-fiction manuscript, by a close friend and a good writer. 

And of course, the fourth book I am pacily in the middle of is 'Besieged: Voices from Delhi 1857' by Mahmood Farooqui. A documented account of life in Delhi during the months of the great 'Gadar' in 1857. When the rebels walked into Delhi and into the arms of a highly confused Bahadurshah Zafar. It is exciting reading...that tells me nothing has changed for Delhi in 200 years. We still behave and act the same way. 

My next book, waiting at my bedside is 'Salt', by Jeremy Page. A documented account of, well...salt!"  

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