Arati Rao
Nov 19, 2010

Your weekend reading list

Contract's Juju Basu recommends 'Mumbai Fables' and 'De Niro's Game'

Your weekend reading list

Juju Basu, vice president and senior creative director at Contract Advertising, is reading two books at the moment, which he thinks are worth picking up.



"The first is 'Mumbai Fables' by Gyan Prakash, which gives a good idea on what the city was and is about and also has resources for other writings on the city," he said. "The second book is 'De Niro's Game' by Rawi Hage who's a Lebanese writer, based in Canada. The book is a work of fiction about two youths in Beirut who get involved with the war and violence in the country. I'm still looking for 'Cockroach' by the same author."

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