Year-ender 2021: 'The relationship between real and virtual is growing more complex' – Titus Upputuru

We ask industry leaders for their learnings from 2021, and an outrageous prediction for the year to come

Dec 23, 2021 02:05:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

Campaign India is ending the year by asking industry leaders about what this year taught them and an outrageous prediction for 2022.  
Here's what Titus Upputuru, creative head, Taproot dentsu Gurugram, had to say:

Your stand-out moment or learning from 2021?


The marriage between virtual and real is here to stay. Over the year, they have had some differences. Real wanted more attention. Virtual said 'I think you are on mute'. Real woke up and smelt the coffee. The relationship is growing more complex each day. But they are looking good together and seem to be working on the marriage. And who knows if they will have an offspring soon? 

An outrageous prediction for 2022? 


Dear planet, the best is yet to be.
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