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Dec 15, 2020

Year-ender 2020: 'I would want 2021 to be the year of restoration' - Titus Upputuru

We ask industry leaders for a learning from 2020 and one thing that they want from 2021

Titus Upputuru
Titus Upputuru
Enough has been said about 2020. Campaign India is closing out the year by asking industry leaders about what has this different year taught them and what do they want from the year that comes up.
Here's what Titus Upputuru, NCD, Dentsu One, and creative head, Taproot Dentsu, Gurugram, had to say.
One learning from the magical year 2020?
2020 has been year of great learning. I learnt more than one thing. I learnt:
1. That positive can be such a negative thing. And vice versa.
2. That you don’t need an office to do business. You could work from anywhere as long as you have ideas, a computer and wifi.
3. That you don’t need to travel for a business meeting. You don’t need to wake up at an unearthly 3:30 am to catch a flight, in order to attend a meeting in a different city.
4. That you don’t have to wait until retirement in order to have hot, steaming lunches with your family, every single day of the week. 
5. That you can never be too old to learn. That you can study together with students in Italy, Japan and UK and submit assignments with the nervous energy of a 10th grader and get a degree in digital marketing in the midst of a global pandemic.
6. That you can farm fresh, plump brinjals and crunchy, green chillies in your backyard.
7. That you can star opposite Rakhee Gulzar and Hema Malini in a movie that was made before you were born and release it on Instagram, thanks to technology like Deep Fakes.
8. That the first man to work from home was Joseph, as recorded in the book of Genesis chapter 39, verse 11. And he was so faithful in it.
9. That you don’t need a Sunday to go to church. You can gather together to praise and pray every single day over Zoom.
10. That we are all so fragile. That a tiny, invisible micro-organism, can travel across the world, take lives, ruin world economy and cause such unprecedented havoc.
One thing you want from the year 2021?
What I really want is salvation for our planet. I want God to take pity on mankind and deliver us from the disaster we are all facing. It is very clear, that humankind cannot save itself. We need God and I pray to God that he may save this planet and He, only He, can turn around the situation. He is a good father. He is slow to anger. I believe he will forgive us our pride and wickedness.  
I would want all the ones who lost their jobs to get their jobs back. Specially the migrant workers. I would want good, beaming health for everyone. I would want 2021 to be the year of restoration. Restoration of health. Restoration of peace. Restoration of relationships. Restoration of finances. Restoration of economy.
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