Shephali Bhatt
Jan 28, 2012

Weekend capers: Raghu Bhat

Raghu Bhat, founder, director, Scarecrow Communications, shares all the interesting activities he has planned out for this weekend

Weekend capers: Raghu Bhat

What're you planning to do this weekend?
I am planning to do some work on writing for a short film. Ashish Khazanchi and I had worked on making six short films post 26/11 massacre and now there are plans on making a sequel to it. 

One film you would recommend that people watch over the weekend?
I think the young adland can go to watch Agneepath because most of them were quite young or some of them weren't even born when the first one was released.

Any book that you would recommend?
I am reading this book called, 'Delhi: 14 Historic Walks' by Swapna Liddle. It is highly interesting, and when I spoke about it with some friends, two of them immediately ordered their copy of the book from Flipkart. On my next trip to New Delhi, I plan to cover at least five of those fourteen walks mentioned in this book.

What's the most played track on your media player?
That would be 'Break on through' by Jim Morrison.

The last time you worked on a weekend?
That would be last weekend. I'd say I work seven days a week, but I keep some spare time for myself on each of these days.

The most adventurous weekend you've had?
One of these days we had an off on a Friday and I set out to Kalsubai (highest peak in Maharashtra) with a bunch of friends. We started the climb at around 5:00 am in the morning and later on, we came back to play a football match in the eveningat Juhu beach.

Your ideal weekend getaway would be?
I know I can't really drive down to this place, but Fatehpur Sikri is one place I would really like to go to on weekends.

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