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Jan 15, 2018

Watch their weight, but eat it too: Godrej Food Trends 2018

The recently unveiled food trends report has several takeaways for food marketers

Watch their weight, but eat it too: Godrej Food Trends 2018

It's not yet time to desert the dessert. A recently unveiled study, "Godrej Food Trends 2018 Report" points out that even as consumers gravitate towards better-for-you food and beverage choices they are still not ready to strike away the dessert from their meals. As a middle path, they are showing a strong preference for smaller bite-sized portions.

The expert panel that took part in this qualitative study was also "very excited about savoury notes in desserts, especially those that help in taking away the extreme hit of sweet". A majority of the respondents expect this trend to grow in 2018.

The other big takeaway from the study was that cooking at home to eat more mindfully would be the most important focus in 2018. All respondents (100%) were in agreement with this trend. One reason is also that the food Indians cook and eat at home is more varied and adventurous than at any time in our history, as a respondent to the study highlighted.

The other reason for eating at home was the growing awareness around food hygiene and safety. 

If people are going to increasingly eat and home and experiment at the same time, there will be a growing demand for appliances that aid air frying, grilling, baking and so on. At the other end, Indians are also rediscovering the mortar pestle.

One respondent points out that more attention will be paid to things like the knives used in an Indian kitchen. And the kitchen will no longer be the invisible space, but an area where aesthetics meets functionality.

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