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Mar 21, 2014

Things They Like: Jaideep Gandhi

Jaideep Gandhi, MD, Jaya Advertising, on his second home, the cars in his garage and more

Things They Like: Jaideep Gandhi
Not much of a gadget-freak. Gandhi's collection and choice of gadgets is driven more by how they can make his life simpler. That explains why he doesn't have a PC or laptop at work - an iPad Mini does all that is required. A Blackberry Q10 accompanies him wherever he goes, as does a 'simple Nokia handset', he adds. The Q10 replaced a Blackberry Curve rather recently. "The Nokia is for calling," he says, adding that it's not 'show worthy'.
A mobile handset, for Gandhi, isn't intended for showing off.
He could well afford to show off his collection of cars. In his garage are a BMW 3 Series sedan, an X1 and a Mercedes E-Class. His favourite among the lot is the X1. Here's why: "It's a sporty model, a mini-SUV. It's very good for the city and easy to drive, and it is also high and not a go-karting
type car." He bought it for his son when he turned 18, he adds.
Gandhi doesn't wear anything except Marks & Spencer. And he's been wearing the brand for 15 years! But none of the M&S stores in Mumbai benefit much, because all his shopping is done when he visits his favourite foreign shore - Dubai. "Whenever I go to Dubai, in one stroke, on one store visit, I finish my shopping for the next six months. It takes about half a day," he explains. The brand loyalty to M&S even extends to shoes, even if Armani manages to get a few pairs into the closet.
For someone who is the industry's go-to man for real estate, Gandhi's 'to buy' list starts with a home in Dubai - no, Jumeirah, Dubai, as he quickly clarifies: "A home in Dubai is one thing, a home in Jumeirah is another." He visits Dubai so many times, explains Gandhi, that he ends up wishing to have a home in that 'hometown'.
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