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Feb 15, 2014

Things They Like: Ashish Mishra

The managing director of Interbrand India on an emotional bond with his car, why his Macbook completes him and more

Things They Like: Ashish Mishra
Being an advocate of the ‘world’s most valuable’ brand, Ashish Mishra, Interbrand carries an iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro almost always with him. “I always find the Macbook Pro to be the gadget that completes me. It doubles up as an ubiquitous workstation, has my soul music, allows me to put down my thoughts when they become too strong enough to stay inside me”, explains Mishra. At parties, the iPhone becomes the ‘bridge to social’ for him.
He likes to wear whites and off-whites paired with beige or grey at work. His work wear is mostly self-designed or assembled. At casual events, one can find him in denims and boots. But he doesn’t distinguish between work wear and industry events and ends up being the same at both places. Linen and cotton jackets interests him a lot of late. He goes to Calvin Klein for his denim shopping. At home, he prefers sports wear, “in constant preparation of being more regular at working out some day!” Matched scarves or mufflers also become an occasional part of his dressing. The only constant accessory he wears is a plain ring with inscriptions that surrogates as an anchor of faith. He also loves to hide behind his Oakley (sunglasses). He likes the elegance of his Movado (watch) and wears Kokorico by Gaultier in perfumes.
He has been going through an extended period of indecision to choose between an E Sport and a 5 Series to upgrade from his old Honda. 
“I sometimes wonder if it is the emotional attachment to my old car that is causing the indecision”, he adds. He owns a Rayleigh bicycle, which he likes to treat as a super bike and is planning to buy a new one soon to go on his long solo trails.
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