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Mar 04, 2014

'The show will empower audiences with a platform for action-oriented change'

Q&A with Gayatri Yadav on the second season of Satyamev Jayate

'The show will empower audiences with a platform for action-oriented change'

The second season of Satyamev Jayate began airing on Sunday, 2 March 2014. We caught up with Gayatri Yadav, EVP, marketing and communications, Star India, to learn about the second season, the marketing efforts, the brief given to Ogilvy & Mather for the campaign, and more. 

How will season two be different from season one?

A key change this season is an innovative programming approach with the introduction of ‘tranches’ between set of episodes allowing viewers to join the movement and help create a larger emphasis for the cause. The tranche approach this season will help ensure each issue gets the deserved focus and on-ground action while enabling viewers to absorb and engage with the content more effectively. 

This season, the show will provide a platform that will empower audiences to take part in an action-oriented change. The content will focus on ensuring more participation from the audiences and action on each specific cause discussed on the show.

The show will be simulcast across eight channels – Star Plus, Star World, Star Pravah, Star Vijay, Asianet, Star Utsav and DD at 11 am along with a deferred telecast at 1.00 pm on ETV.

Besides the eight TVCs on air, what other marketing efforts are being undertaken?

Conceptualised around the thought of ‘Jinhe Desh Ki Fikr Hai’ (For those who care for the country), the campaign, this year, aims at polarising the audience and provokes them to decide what kind of person they are: “one who cares for the country or not”. The marketing campaign spreads across various platforms i.e. TV, print, outdoor, digital and radio. On TV – A robust TV plan with support from Star Network channels and other outside network channels which includes news, entertainment and music.

In print we had several ads on the launch day (2 March). We have used outdoor to build perception in key markets.

There is an emphasis on digital via an integrated campaign across all key touch points: mobile, social media and website. The medium will be a key deliverable in reaching out to audiences and empowering them to stand up and act.

On-ground activation is also a key part of the approach with interesting ambient touch points called “Fikr Touch points” created across the country that takes forth the campaign thought. Mobile phones will play a key role to empower audience’s to actively participate in the show. 

Additionally, South superstar Mohanlal has come on board as the brand ambassador for the South market to garner additional support for the causes. 

A special people’s version of the Satyamev Jayate anthem has been created this year which is a unique take on the last season’s anthem with the ordinary people of the country singing the song and making it their own.

What was the brief given to Ogilvy for the campaign?

In the first season, the task at hand was to launch Satyamev Jayate. While it marked Aamir Khan’s debut on Indian TV, it also meant Star India breaking new ground in content yet again. The show in season one had widespread awareness across regions and demographics and was viewed by a huge chunk of people last year. However over a period of time, a few viewers started dissipating, citing reasons like, ‘it’s too heavy’, ‘What is it that I can do to make this change happen’, and so on.

The task was to overcome key barriers, consumer scepticism and invite our viewers to come and watch the show. However a campaign just citing that here is a show that is good for the country and will help improve India would not have helped bring about the desired behaviour change that we wanted. We did not just want people to come and watch! We wanted commitment!

We need to understand what it is that would really help alter behaviour and sentiment of the people. What is it that would help gain their commitment? And the solution was a simple observation in a cinema hall. All of us stand when the national anthem is played, people who entering the hall late as well stand in attention, till it is over. So from here evolved the campaign idea ‘Jinhe Desh Ki Fikr Hai’, a simple campaign which aims at evoking a sense of national pride and garnering commitment from each and every Indian. 

The overall tonality was light and was designed to evoke a sense of patriotism. We also used a ‘reflective technique’ in the communication to avoid consumer provocation i.e. Aamir who is actually addressing every individual does not directly talk in to camera, so it does not provoke any negative sentiments towards the show etc. Lastly a strong polarisation was delivered via the narrative in every ad linking it to the show and asking viewers for their participation.

How will digital be leveraged? Will the shows be added to the YouTube channel (if yes, how will this be marketed)?

Satyamev Jayate Facebook page and Twitter has been active with fans constantly engaging in conversations and content. The FB page saw 1.4 million fans at the end of last season which has grown by 100 per cent to 2.8 million fans as on Feb 2014. Similarly Twitter had 68,867 followers during end of last season which has grown by over 100 per cent to 1,47,000. A key factor in the marketing approach this season is the emphasis on digital via an integrated campaign across all key touch points – mobile, social media, website, etc. The digital medium will be a key deliverable in reaching out to audiences and empowering them to stand up and act.

Who would be sponsors for the second season?

We have associated with like-minded sponsors for the show. They are not just ’sponsors’, but our partners in the Satyamev Jayatejourney. Both Airtel, the presenting sponsor, and Axis Bank, the powered by sponsor, returned on the show. This re-affirms the value of the show. Reliance Foundation is the philanthropic partner this season. The associate sponsors on the show include Akash Tutorials, Maruti, Rupa Frontline and Midas Care - Clean & Dry.

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