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Oct 01, 2018

Spikes Asia 2018: McCann's Amar Urhekar's tips for healthcare communications

The president of McCann Health Americas urged the industry to look at empathy

Spikes Asia 2018: McCann's Amar Urhekar's tips for healthcare communications
Amar Urhekar, president, McCann Health Americas, delivered the ‘truth about healthcare communications’ on day two of Spikes Asia 2018.
He called out to agencies in the space and said, “In a new world where understanding the patient voice is at the forefront, it’s our job to listen. It’s our ability to understand and share the feelings of an other person that allows us to create change.”
Prior to this he claimed that health marketing has to be around protect wellness. “We are talking about humans. We have to use this mantra in communications and marketing too.”
Agreeing with the perception of healthcare marketing and communications industry being complicated, he said, “Earlier when one fell ill, it was about going to the doctor and getting the pharma product. Now, over the last 15-20 years it has got a lot more complicated. There’s a payer (insurance company), regulation media, HCP, public health social awareness and more involved. And this will only get more complex in the future. We have to help brands play a meaningful role in the lives of people. We need genuine empathy in healthcare.”
He then shared examples of pieces of work done by McCann globally and stated a few principles to follow.
Do it with more than just data. Showcase the humanity.

Anyone can save a life. Educate people.

Powering change

The last piece of work Urhekar showcased was the much awarded ‘Immunity Charm’. The campaign which was conceptualised for Afghanistan is being spread to the world and will soon be launched in Rajasthan.  

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