Racheal Lee
Sep 18, 2012

Spikes Asia 2012: Amir Kassaei stresses on creating relevance, not awareness

Agencies must focus on finding and/or creating relevant truth and delivering it in a fresh way, Amir Kassaei, chief creative officer, DDB Worldwide, said in his jury president's address at Spikes Asia

Spikes Asia 2012: Amir Kassaei stresses on creating relevance, not awareness

Kassaei noted that agencies need to understand clients’ business and the worries of the people, then use the talent and technology they have to produce relevant work.

“It is not by the planners or account managers, it is a co-creation [by everyone in the agency],” he said. “We are never in the advertising business… we are in the industry of making brands and products relevant. Start treating people as friends and respect their lives and value especially to the people who are not interested in advertising but interested in products that add value to their lives.”

Kassaei served as the jury president for film, print, outdoor and radio as well as integrated.

The advertising industry is now entering into the age of brand network, Kassaei said, adding that agencies and clients are now producing products that add value to people’s lives. Creative revolution is what the industry should focus on.

“Our goal is to not produce works that win awards, but to produce relevancy for your clients and products,” he added. “People will care when things are relevant to them and multiple the message. Create relevance not awareness, which is about changing the game.”

Kassaei reiterated that digital is not a medium, but a tool for making things relevant. Technology cannot replace advertising, he added. “Digital is not a media, it is an infrastructure," he said. "Figures [such as Likes] mean nothing because it is not relevant. Translating data into something useful to people will be a successful factor for companies."

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