Shephali Bhatt
Mar 21, 2012

Singapore Tourism Board rolls out new campaign for India

Randall Tan, regional director, South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Singapore Tourism Board, interacts with Campaign India about their marketing strategy for Indian market

Singapore Tourism Board rolls out new campaign for India

Could you tell us in detail about your new marketing campaign for the Indian market?
The campaign is titled, “Singapore -The Holiday You Take Home with You." The whole idea behind the campaign is that once you leave for a holiday in Singapore, you leave as you are, but you come back with a lot more than you could have imagined. You come back with a new skill, knowledge about the place and sometimes with a new-found intensity in your relationships. The campaign brings alive all of these aspects of a holiday in Singapore.

How do you plan to spread the message across various mediums?
The campaign will be present across two mediums, namely, print and digital. But our main focus would be on spreading the message online through social media and banner ads. The social media related activities would be linked to our global social media approach. 

What will be the key features unique to this campaign?
One would be the depth with which the information has been delivered in each of the print and online campaigns. Second, these campaigns effectively communicate all kinds of interesting activities you can indulge in, while holidaying in Singapore.

Who are the creative, digital and media agencies involved in this campaign?
The creative mandate is globally handled by BBH and Leo Burnett. The digital duties are with XM, while the media agency for the campaign in India is MEC. 

Here's another print ad from the campaign 

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