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Jul 26, 2020

Shoppers Stop responds to Instagram posts that hurt sentiments

The posts promoting its #BackToEarth brand have been taken down

Shoppers Stop responds to Instagram posts that hurt sentiments
Shoppers Stop has issued a clarification about two of its posts on Instagram which got negative comments from people on the medium.
The posts were taken down after Campaign India reached out to the brand for their comments.
According to comments, the ads were seen to be insensitive with regards to using humans as props. 
Shoppers Stop clarified that the idea behind the two posts was about showing how the brand is giving back to society for its recycling programme and showcasing how it’s supporting women from marginalised communities. 
The comment from the Shoppers Stop spokesperson added, “For the last two years Shoppers Stop has been supporting women who come from marginalised communities. There are various programmes and initiatives conceptualised in association with NGOs that focus on dignity and empowerment of women. We have created a clothes recycling programme that provides livelihood opportunities to marginalised women from villages and access to menstrual hygiene kits to numerous women across villages in India. The campaign was designed to encourage recycling of clothes by customers which were then used by women in villages to create items that help generate income and employment for them. The initiative was sponsored under the label Back to Earth.” 
The brand had partnered with NGO SustainPlus Shine Foundation for this range.
Anu Chaudhary, CEO, SustainPlus Shine Foundation, added, “Shoppers Stop has partnered with our non-profit SustainPlus Shine Foundation for the recycling of clothes initiative. Under this old/donated clothes are upcycled into diverse products like bags, jholas, essential items providing livelihood to women from marginalized sections and rural areas. These women are also involved in making personal hygiene kits which are distributed free of cost to women who have limited or no access to such amenities. One Kg of clothes donated leads to two women being employed.” 
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