Seven tips to accelerate India's sales during the holiday season: Adobe report

Aims to help marketers with sales conversions from campaigns to last-mile purchases

Dec 22, 2021 08:19:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Adobe has released ‘The Great Acceleration’ report, which aims to help marketers succeed in their holiday season sales for the Indian demographic. 


The trends highlight strategies that help keep the brand on top of the consumer’s mind, even beyond the holiday season. 


Adobe lists down the seven core marketing strategies that will assist sales growth:


1. Know your customers, grow your sales


Behavioural segmentation and personalisation are two elements that can help a marketer cater to different buying patterns. For this, segmentation should be done based on application, website, and platform, keeping in mind the frequency, usage patterns, and promotional campaigns consumers engage with. In addition, understanding marketing channels customers are frequently active on and which product messages pique their interests needs should be tracked. 


2. Develop an omnichannel approach


To have a consistent consumer experience and brand recall amongst shoppers, retailers should aim to launch omnichannel campaigns. An increase in potential engagement touchpoints mixed with a well-orchestrated omnichannel presence further encourages brand trust positioning the brand that will be remembered after the holiday season. 


3. Promote and entice


Offering promotions and coupon codes to shoppers will help them save more. This, in turn, encourages them to shop more and will generate traction and conversations around the brand. 


4. Delight customers with highly relevant experiences


When it comes to customer service designing chatbots that offer swift communication can achieve highly interactive experiences. The sales conversions can go up to 8x by using this approach. E-commerce platforms should deliver smooth customer web interfaces that can facilitate seamless checkouts. Furthermore, curating an online catalogue that is well-organised and contextually relevant will showcase products intuitively. Finally, for optimal returns, a secure banking transaction is crucial. 


5. Sell more with free shipping


Free shipping is the 'holy grail' for the customer’s last-mile purchase. 61% of shoppers will abandon their carts if a merchant doesn’t offer free shipping. E-commerce platforms offering free shipping can significantly accelerate your sales. 


6. Offer combos, and upsell


By offering bundled products that are bought together frequently and pair well together will see accelerated conversion rates on the checkout screen. Along with combos, upselling by offering free shipping for a minimum value order, for example, ‘1 for 1’ can help boost purchases. These combo offerings should be communicated to consumers through the brands home screen, in-app notifications, social campaigns. 


7. Keep in touch with your customers


Communication with shoppers should move beyond the holiday season period. Launching a post-holiday email campaign is an effective way to stay engaged with the consumer. This approach can be done through customer recommendations, product reviews, recommended gift packs, and exclusive promotions.