Dec 20, 2023

Year in Review: The biggest tech stories of 2023

TikTok's day in US Congress, Alibaba makes leadership changes, Temu takes on Shein and the Adobe-Figma union failed to go through - we recap some of the biggest headlines in tech in 2023

Nov 28, 2023

Adoption of generative AI technology is trailing behind employee usage and consumer demand: Adobe

47% of respondents state that their companies currently use generative AI tools in their operations

Mar 24, 2022

Adobe Summit 2022: Machines will inhabit the need for survival - Mo Gawdat

Mo Gawdat, former chief business officer, Google X, talks about the future of artificial intelligence

Mar 24, 2022

Adobe Summit 2022: If you’re not getting sales, the effort is not worth it – Rajshankar Ray, IFB

The MD and CEO of IFB Industries discusses how the company entered the D2C digital space at the Adobe Summit

Dec 22, 2021

Seven tips to accelerate India's sales during the holiday season: Adobe report

Aims to help marketers with sales conversions from campaigns to last-mile purchases

Jun 09, 2021

Cut the crap and the noise around social media: Ravi Shastri's message to team India

The head coach of the Indian cricket team discussed what corporates can learn from sport, how social media should be ignored by athletes, the 1983 World Cup win, Audi and more...