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Aug 20, 2020

Raja Bunet elevated as chief operations officer at Ipsos

Was executive director, mobile first and new initiatives

Raja Bunet elevated as chief operations officer at Ipsos
Ipsos India has announced the elevation of Raja Bunet as chief operations officer. He will lead contactless data collection operations.
Bunet joined Ipsos in 2011 and was most recently executive director, mobile first and new initiatives.
Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India, said, "Covid-19 hampered our fieldwork operations due to lockdowns and restrictions, considering, face-to-face data collection accounts for almost 99 per cent of our fieldwork. And with woes of the virus far from over, we’ve majorly overhauled and launched our suite of contactless data collection solutions for clients to give them an edge in speed, quality and   timely insights. And Raja Bunet from our top leadership team will be spearheading our contactless data collection operations with immediate effect." 
He added, "Ipsos India has always been at the forefront of client centricity and innovation, and I’m pleased to announce  that we are redrawing our strategy and infusing newer techniques in providing clients with a large portfolio of tech savvy, contactless data collection techniques and aligning and customising them to client requirements and exigencies. Bunet will be structuring his teams for execution, of online and telephonic."
Bunet said, "In the last few months, we’ve been working on operationalising our arsenal of contactless data collection methodologies and are now focusing on building best-in-class processes to achieve operational excellence." 
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