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Dec 01, 2015

Promoted content: The #Fantastico Hunt

Fans across four cities reveal the name of the next big thing by Tata Motors in a massive online and on-ground clue hunt

Promoted content: The #Fantastico Hunt
  • A massive national digital campaign with on ground legs in four cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata). Themed as “The #Fantastico Hunt” to share a glimpse of the car’s communication thought of “It’s #Fantastico!”
  • Each city had one letter of the four lettered name of Tata Motors’ next passenger vehicle, hidden at a prominent location. 
  • Fans were actively engaged on Twitter and other social media channels and handed clues to the locations of the letters. The clues were strategically placed and worded so as to maximize intrigue and participation.
  • The entire campaign was themed and positioned as ‘The #Fantastico Hunt’ to tie in with the new car’s positioning – It’s #Fantastico!
  • Winners who found their city’s letter first were presented cool branded merchandise.
Tata Motors launched an innovative digital and on-ground campaignto create buzz about the name of its new car – the yet-to-be launched Zica from Tata Motors.Spread across four metros – Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata. The campaign invited eager fans to collectively unveil the name through a series of strategically placed clues around each city. 
The campaign was jointly executed by Wizcraft on ground and DigitasLBi on digital and was titled ‘The #Fantastico Hunt’.
As part of the campaign, fans were sent around the city through a series of clues, until they arrived at the final destination where the hidden letter stood. On-ground volunteers and supporters from the brand helped kick things off.
From trendy spots like Mumbai’s first Starbucks that featured as the place that’s ‘World-famous for its #FantasticoPumpkin Spice Latte’, to Delhi’s most happening places at Hauz Khas Village, clues had fans searching across the cities till they discovered their letter. 
Each hidden letter formed the name of the yet-to-be launched car.
While some fans stayed glued to their screens cracking clues and awaiting updates, others swarmed the streets to find the next destination – a collective effort that ended with fans capturing selfies with their city’s letter glistening in the background at popular city spots.
The audience across Twitter and Facebook participated and followed the progress through a series of updates from the #madeofgreat brand page and those who made it in time to reveal the letter won cool branded merchandise. 
With the name Zica (derived from ZIppyCAr) now revealed, the country eagerly awaits the official launch of the vehicle. This is the first car that will be revealed under the #madeofgreat partnership between Tata Motors and Lionel Messi, who has been signed on as Global Brand Ambassador. 
Campaign Results
150 Million Impressions
45,469 Mentions
@MadeofGreat (Twitter Handle)
117 Million Impressions
14,979 Mentions
Engagement rate – 1.7%
Retweets received - 986
“We are embarking on brand transformation journey. With our partnership with Messi and our first association campaign #madeofgreat we have begun the journey. But we have got to continue launching compelling campaigns and bringing in best-in-class products to excite our customers. With our new car- ZICA, we are gearing up for the launch. We wanted to roll-out an exciting and fun and engaging campaign to unveil the name. Our positioning line – Its Fantastico allows us to go creative and what best way than digital and on-ground platform to do this. Our partners Wizcraft and DigitasLBi India have done very well on this campaign and I am delighted to have them on board. With this, and many more campaigns to break, we are Gearing up for a Great play in the market.”
– Delna Avari, head - marketing communication and services, passenger vehicles, Tata Motors
"It takes a lot of courage to come up with an innovative idea and a whole lot of conviction to follow it through!  Another ‘first’ under the Made of Great Partnership. Having only 24 hours to collaborate digitally and execute on- ground, the team did a phenomenal job on the #TheFantasticoHunt’ and the impact was felt nationally as well as internationally." 
Sandeep Mehta, Vice President, Wizcraft International Entertainment
“Rather than just reveal the name of the car, our attempt, was to get the audience involved in discovering it, while sharing a sneak peek of its communication thought – ‘It’s #Fantastico’. Social media works brilliantly when combined with real world experiences, and that really added the edge to this activity.”
Amaresh Godbole, Managing Director, DigitasLBi India
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