'Pocketman' experiment goes live, sets Twitter abuzz

Catch the experiential campaign conceptualised by Brave New World here

Jun 04, 2015 12:35:00 PM | Article | Campaign India Team

Roadster, Myntra's casualwear brand, has unveiled its limited edition Pocketman Jeans with an experiential campaign.  
Titled ‘Pocketman’, the campaign started at 1500 hrs on 3 June and will go on for 48 hours. It has been conceptualised and executed by interactive agency, Brave New World.  
The campaign involves 'Pocketman' Eric Monjoin spending two days in his makeshift den and keeping his social media audience entertained. He will use the contents in the 13 pockets of his jeans to do so, and interact with the audience via  social media channels.
The happenings are being streamed on www.pocketmanlive.com/pant.html . Viewers will also be able to see a live social feed that has been embedded into the stream.
Interaction and conversation is taking place via Twitter and Facebook, while the company will be uploading highlights of the event to its YouTube Page.  
Manish Aggarwal, VP–marketing , Myntra Fashion Brands, said, "This was a fun collection to create! We wanted to make a point that all a man needs is the right pair of jeans. You have that pair, you are set for anything. Roadster is here to create new, lasting experiences for customer and this experiment is a live demonstration of our commitment."
Joono Simon, founder, Brave New World, had this to say about the campaign: “What we are doing is a live human experiment where a man lives out of his pockets -- with what he’s stuffed in the 13 pockets of his denims. It is a one-of-a-kind branded experience because it’s like a commercial that runs for 48 hours without disruption. People are also participating in the conversation with Pocketman, so it’s not one-way. We’re trending at number two organically on Twitter which proves that people are engaging with this unique way of creating an experience for a brand. It also underlines Myntra’s pioneering spirit in being the first in everything they do.”
Pocketman is the longest live Twitter engagement for a brand, according to Simon.
This is Brave New World’s debut campaign. Explaining his idea behind opening up the agency, Simon said, “The idea was to take interactive storytelling to a new online audience. This campaign is one great example of making online communications richer and more engaging compared to low involvement Facebook updates and banners."