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Jul 06, 2018

Agency Report Card 2017: Brave New World

We assess Brave New World's 2017 performance in India, based on its business results, its innovation and initiatives, its work and awards and its people and leadership.

Agency Report Card 2017: Brave New World
As an agency located in Bangalore, the online startup capital of India, Brave New World (BNW) like most other agencies in the city, was dependent largely on newer enterprises as a source of business.
But there was a problem in this seemingly way-to-go strategy. 
Agency Report Card 2017

Brave New World





Country head: Joono Simon


Ownership: Independent


Start-up clients are volatile at worst and uncertain at best. That's why in 2017, BNW decided to forego the easy way to acquire new businesses which they claim "we did just on the dint of our work, without pitching". Instead, the agency decided to go head-on into focusing more on established businesses with a solid marketing base. While it would aggressively seek established clients from more traditional sectors, these sectors were also more difficult to get into business with.  
Still, it won two businesses from Reliance Industries in 2017 -- Reliance Trends and the newly launched Reliance women’s fashion brand, Project Eve. The agency claims these two big brand acquisitions has given them "a lot of depth and solidity" apart from adding KPMG to its clientele.
In terms of social media engagement for its clients, the agency chose to pursue a different format of delivering content. Instead of focusing on giving the two big pieces of 'hero' content, it decided to keep the conversation going throughout the year. This would mean a lot more work, plus the challenge of keeping quality consistent. 


  • The agency trains its people to think outside their silos
  • Graphic designers can strategise and plan business for a brand
  • Writers can know the ins and outs of AR tech and develop ideas around it
A combination of these initiatives have led to revenue going up by 71 per cent over the previous year. But as the world of advertising gets increasingly complex and competitive with each passing year, it will be worth watching how Brave New World keeps renewing itself. 
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