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Aug 12, 2016

Picks of the Week: Sony Max 2, Swachh Bharat

What we so love about these films is that they are incredibly Indian

Picks of the Week: Sony Max 2, Swachh Bharat
In our humble opinion, there were two refreshing and fabulous pieces of work this week, and we're not sure which to pick over the other.

Swachh Bharat sees the coming together of a small Bollywood bridage for the cause of a clean India. Filmed to perfection by Pradeep Sarkar, it makes its point while leaving viewers with a few smiles. And it does so drawing upon a deep-rooted belief around a Hindu Goddess. At a time when people are scared to associate with religion in any form, this also scores for courage and sensitive treatment of the subject.

Sony Max 2 builds on the Bollywood magic that the Max family has brought to life over many years now. The difference this time is that it's not about the iconic celebration of Bollywood quirks, but a soulful demonstration of its influence on our lives. In this case, the promo establishes one such iconic song's influence over a generation. Or two.
One can neither create nor appreciate these gems without an Indian sensibility.
Perhaps that's why we subconsciously picked these on the eve of the long Independence Day weekend.
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