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Nov 18, 2016

Pick of the Week: Arun Nanda's 'Open Letter' to Cyrus Mistry

We love the direct ad response to accusations made through news media

Pick of the Week: Arun Nanda's 'Open Letter' to Cyrus Mistry
It's not often that the news media gets a 'Tata versus Mistry' kind of mega-story. 
There's evidently enough supply of ammunition from both sides in the aftermath of Cyrus Mistry's ouster as Tata Sons chairman. 
Allegations and counters are flying thick and fast and will continue to do so, one expects, for a while. After all, large PR factories are at work.
Among those dragged into the picture was another PR outfit, Rediffusion Edelman. The agency handling PR for most Tata Group companies. And Rediffusion Y&R chairman and MD Arun Nanda was not amused.
We loved this ad, an 'Open Letter to Cyrus Mistry', in response to some of the accusations involving the agency. Rather than get embroiled in the ongoing media war, this was a clear and direct response to each of the allegations.
After all, as the letter said, the agency has earned its name over 43 years. It should not allow that to get tarnished.
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