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Jun 02, 2017

Partner Content: Canon's integrated AD campaign for EOS 1300D attain impressive success

Canon launches interactive ad campaign “Get ready with EOS 1300D” and receives a warm welcome with 12.1 million engagements and garners close to 20.2 million views for its video film

Partner Content: Canon's integrated AD campaign for EOS 1300D attain impressive success
At a time when 60 million photos are posted only on Instagram, it has become crucial for camera and lens manufacturers to educate the audience on how they can take their passion to the next level. There is a limit to what a smartphone can do—it can't match the versatility and functionality of DSLRs.  This year, Canon has unveiled a millennial-targeted interactive ad campaign “Get ready with EOS 1300D” to promote their EOS 1300D. The intent behind the campaign was to appeal to an assorted set of customers who are passionate about photography, adventure seekers, first-time buyers and fence sitters who are considering buying their first DSLR.
Consumers, especially millennials, crave for great usability from brands. Canon approached the new age with high-quality content that explicitly established their supremacy. With series of imagery, they made it clear that the EOS 1300D takes sharper portraits, vivid imagery and performs exceptionally when shooting in low-light situations. All the doubts were put to rest as the brand shared frames from Indian weddings, birthdays, and travel stories placed in direct comparison to pictures offered by a smartphone—Canon proved its point. 
Much of this campaign was in the digital sphere. Online banner ads and television commercials were activated simultaneously to maximise reach and participation. Canon’s comprehensive social media strategy also included a contest “Recreate with EOS 1300D”. ‘Recreate’ called upon users to solve a jigsaw puzzle of the DSLR image by taking reference from the smartphone image and further entering a slogan on why they're ready for EOS 1300D. This way they secured eligibility to win the camera themselves! The contest saw a massive hit and generated 52K + gameplays, which was exponentially higher than what was planned. User engagement was massive as nearly 28 K+ unique users turned up to participate. 
To spur engagement and higher quality feedback, the brand introduced users to the DSLR experience. This platform enabled netizens to shuffle between a smartphone picture and one taken with the EOS 1300D, thus highlighting the sharp contrast between the two. Also, to provide an unrivaled ‘touch and feel’ experience to its customers, Canon shared Virtual DSLR app. The virtual experience enabled first time users to understand how to use a DSLR in a simplified manner.
“Get ready with EOS 1300D” had the desired emotion which makes a marketing campaign go viral. This digital effort earned 12.1 million engagements—700% more against the expected figure while video film garnered close to 20.2 million views. Website traffic increased by 40% over past campaign and impressions earned were close to 687 million. 
In all, Canon managed to pull off a full house show with this integrated campaign. By putting the consumer at the heart of their broader marketing strategy, and thinking beyond conventional means of advertising—the brand ended up raking in thousands of likes and encouraging comments.
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