Paritosh Joshi exits Star CJ

He was chief executive officer of Star CJ Alive

Apr 25, 2012 02:38:00 PM | Article | Arati Rao

Paritosh Joshi, chief executive officer of Star CJ Alive, has put in his papers. 23 April 2012 was his last day.

Speaking with Campaign India, Joshi said, "I have been toying around in my head, from the middle of last year, with a couple of ideas. Many of them have to do with media and entertainment, which is the arena I have spent all of these years in at STAR. Also, thanks to my Star CJ time, some inevitably have to do with e-commerce. You can't really hold down a full-time job and then pretend you can pay attention to something else - at least, I cannot. So I thought about it, and shared it with the STAR board that I needed time to develop these ideas. The moment presented itself and 23 April was my last day."

 On his future plans, he said, "Ravi Kiran used a wonderful phrase 'stealth mode' post his exit from Starcom before his Friends of Ambition was revealed to the world. My intention is to be in a sense in 'stealth mode' for the next few months to develop the thought to a point where they are worthy of being revealed."

Asked whether he will continue as the chairman of the technical committee, Readership Studies Council of India, Joshi said, "I will want to and am keen to do that, and so far whatever signals I have got suggest that should not be a problem. So I will definitely stay involved."