Ananya Saha
May 21, 2014

“Our strategy was ‘Keep it snappy, seamless, smart’”: Punit Pandey, 9X Media

Q&A with the EVP - new business of the music network on flagship 9XM’s new look

“Our strategy was ‘Keep it snappy, seamless, smart’”: Punit Pandey, 9X Media

9XM, the Hindi music television channel from the house of 9X Media, donned a new look from 20 May. Campaign India caught up with Punit Pandey, EVP, new business, 9X, Media on the need for change and idea behind this revamp.

Can you share the reason for the new look? What all has changed?

9XM was launched in 2007. Since then it continues to be a favourite destination for television music lovers.  We have a tribe of loyal viewers. It is a better consuming experience. You will see more of videos, backed by a much better picture and sound quality.

The new look is to provide viewers an immersive viewing experience with larger video display area and superior audio quality.

What was the idea behind the revamp?

While ideating on the new look, our strategy was ‘Keep it snappy, keep it seamless, keep it smart’. The new look of 9XM ensures that one quickly moves from one element to another in a truly seamless fashion with captivating vibrant colours and design elements. It is a very fresh approach to the way the latest Bollywood songs are presented.

Was the new look created in-house?

The new look has been designed by the in-house design team at 9X Media. We treat digital as a second screen. That is where it all came from. The feedback we have from our viewers has been fantastic.

How is 9XM promoting the new look of the channel?

The biggest marketing tool we have is the screen itself. The best way to market is to give the viewers a new experience. Our marketing is the 9XM screen. We have a strong digital tribe. Many of our viewers watch our channel on digital screens. So these are the only two screens where we have marketed our new look. Something like this need not be marketed, but experienced.

Isn’t this the first time that the channel has been revamped after its launch in 2007?

We have changed the packaging earlier. We have earlier changed viewing experience. This is a step forward.

There is a lot of growing competition in this space: TV channels and digital channels as well. How is 9XM gearing for it?

Through creating these experiences. We have the best sound quality so that will make you bookmark the channel as your most preferred destination. That is why the channel was born – you do not see VJs on our channel, you do not see shows, or reality shows. People tune in to consume music on our channel. This is what has been enhanced.

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