Rikki Aggarwal
Oct 05, 2020

Opinion: Best approaches to lead generation in the post-Covid world

The author offers three pieces of advice for digital marketers

Opinion: Best approaches to lead generation in the post-Covid world
With lockdowns across the world gradually lifting, the biggest challenge before most businesses is returning to normalcy. Arguably, the biggest Covid business shocker wasn’t work-from-home. It was the massive loss of clientele and sales across industries. 
Everyone - from oil companies to software designers and everything in between - has seen a substantial decline in sales over the past couple months. As we emerge into the post-Covid world, this is the challenge digital marketers across the world are facing: how do we bring in new leads? What lead generation strategies work in the new world? Identifying and deploying them could mean the difference between success and business failure this year. Let’s take a look:
Persistence is key: don’t stop communicating
Everyone’s been hit hard by the current crisis. This means that potential prospects will be even less likely to convert into qualified leads. The litany of cold-shoulder rejections could have you thinking that now’s not the time to do lead gen. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Everyone today needs digital marketing because everyone is trying to rebuild their sales volumes. You need to consider the big picture and be persistent: spread a wide net, set quantitative outreach targets, and be persistent. Response rates might be lower than before. However, qualified leads today have genuine marketing needs in the here and now.
Offer to fix things: be solution-oriented
It’s important to remember that in times of crisis, people look for answers. When reaching out to a potential client, the best approach is a solution-oriented one. Research your potential prospects and first identify the likely challenges they’re facing right now. Are they seeing a decline in sales revenue? Are they trying to retain existing clients? Then, ensure that the content of your lead-gen message offers a solution. Tell the lead what you can do to help. Everyone needs help right now. You need to show leads that you’re the one best positioned to offer it. 
Sensitivity and the soft sell
Now is not the best time for a hard sell approach. Potential leads might not have the budget or risk appetite in this environment to take on new work. Emotionally, stress levels are almost certainly higher: the volatile situation means that leads are likely to be worrying, not just about their company, but about their personal future. What does this mean in terms of lead generation? Your approach needs to be soft, and it needs to be about building trust and relationships, not making a sale today. 
Clients you build relationships with today will be positioned to offer work tomorrow when the world gets back to normal. Leads you spook away with tone-deaf, hard sell tactics will not come back. Your initial approach needs to highlight your sensitivity to the global situation and to the lead’s own issues: ask them about the challenge they’re facing to create a dialogue, and offer advice. Be a friend to lead and reap the rewards in the months and years to come. 
With the world opening up again by increments, today is, quite possibly, one of the best times for a lead generation campaign. In the post-COVID world, there are going to be winners and losers. Understanding the mindset of your leads right now, engaging within them at a level that they’re comfortable with is key to a successful lead generation campaign. 
The author is co-founder, chief business and operating officer of Blink Digital
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