MTS MBlaze uses stop motion in new TVC

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Jun 09, 2011 12:41:00 PM | Article | Arati Rao

A new TVC for MTS shows how useful sharing content on the Internet can be.

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In the TVC, a young man and woman meet on a train, and instantly connect, but the girl is surprised when the boy says, "So we get engaged tomorrow." She replies that she hardly knows him, but the boy insists she will by the next day. As she gets off, he shows her his MTS datacard with a sign that says "Let's Dongle". Overnight, with the help of MTS's one-day plan, the two exchange music, pictures, and stories online and hence, get to know each other better.

N Padmakumar, national creative director, Rediffusion YR, said on the brief, "We believe that in today’s day and age, the lines between the real world and the virtual world are blurring. One no longer needs to wait for an opportunity in the real world to make an impression. Social Media, Blogs and other channels of web communication enables you to make an impression online that is transferrable to the real world. While the category is communicating speed we believe that what you do with that speed is more important. Hence, a promo offering of unlimited internet usage for a day."
On the creative idea, he said, "The story shows a young man woo a girl overnight, with the unlimited internet prowess at his command. The two share a lifetime of experiences and knowledge about each other over one night on the internet, and grow close. Stop motion as a process literally involves jumping moments in time, and hence the film's treatment is intrinsic to the idea of depicting reality playing catch up." He added, "Like ZOOT, the attempt here was to subtly seed in the word “Dongle” as a verb through this commercial and appropriate the word for the brand as the way consumers interact with this category."



Client: MTS
Agency: Rediffusion YR
Creative: N Padmakumar, Chraneeta Mann, Saurabh Dawar, Anish Didee
Account Management: Srijib Mallik, Mairu Gupta, Puran Dev, Avishek Ghosh
Production House: Cutting Edge Picture
Producer: Rickii
Director: Angela & Ithyle