Mindshare launches measurement tool for creative

The agency worked with Meta to develop a tool that assesses the impact of good creative

Jul 11, 2022 04:09:00 AM | Article | Arvind Hickman

Mindshare has developed a measurement tool that it claims helps brands assess the impact of creative on Facebook and Instagram, irrespective of where the ad is placed.

Called Impact Zoom, it uses machine learning to analyse factors such as an ad's objective, targeting, placement type and position, creative format and quality ranking to predict ad recall-lift potential and assess the quality of the creative for any campaign.

The tool then isolates the impact of the media and creative, working out what drives the ad’s performance, benchmarked against ads from similar categories for context.

Mindshare said creative testing is usually done without the context of media placement, which does not allow advertisers to understand how different creative affects business outcomes.

“Impact Zoom helps our clients uncover new opportunities for additional synergies between creative and media and identifies levers to ensure enhanced future performance for their ads,” Shane McAndrew, Mindshare’s global data strategy and analytics officer, said.

“It is a great example of collaboration between Mindshare and Meta solutions, and the performance improvements they deliver to help businesses grow and maximise their investments on Facebook and Instagram.”

The solution uses proprietary algorithms, designed by Mindshare, and builds on Meta’s existing solutions for Facebook that use a combination of machine learning signals and qualitative methods.

In developing the product, a team of data scientists and analysts from Meta and Mindshare worked for three months on a Facebook lift meta-analysis, featuring more than 800 brand and conversion lift studies, to discover key success factors and best practices that help drive brand and conversion lift on Facebook.

Impact Zoom follows Mindshare’s launch of Precisely Human Intelligence, a set of machine learning tools that aims to help advertisers better understand the "motivations, mindsets and emotions" of target audiences.

(This article first appeared on CampaignLive.co.uk)