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Oct 13, 2017

Media360 India: 2022, a mobile story

How will the world of mobility look like in 2022? Our panel takes a peek into the future.

(L-R) Mahesh Narayanan, Lincoln Gada, Tushar Vyas, Anjali Hegde and Rajeev Dhal.
(L-R) Mahesh Narayanan, Lincoln Gada, Tushar Vyas, Anjali Hegde and Rajeev Dhal.
If you were sitting on stage on this very day in 2022, what would be the scenario of the mobility space five years from now, Tushar Vyas, chief strategy officer, South Asia, GroupM asked the panel consisting of Anjali Hegde, CEO, Ansible Mobile, Lincoln Gada, CEO, Think Walnut Digital, Mahesh Narayanan, managing director, Saavn and Rajeev Dhal, head-monetisation, Dailyhunt.
Saavn’s Mahesh kicked off the discussion by saying that on that day, the era of content consumption driven by artificial intelligence (AI) would have already dawned. Customers could get a personalized experience across platforms on a daily basis and the voice layered AI could mind read the customer and offer them a personalised thread.   
Ansible’s Hegde said that in 2022, the mobile could create interventions to free up time from mundane chores and enable customers to get more personal time. There would also be products that could be born to save the customer’s time. Dhal said that one such product could be a media assistant that could crunch the huge volumes of information and curate exactly what each subscriber likes, tailor-made to their preference and help them stay up to date.
Dhal added that it would also be the era of a unified search profile where the users search and social footprint would merge and define everything about the individual consumer. “This will lead to the shift from demographic based targeting to mindset level targeting,” he said. As a result of this marketing would shift from needs to wants.
How else does 2022 look like? The future would also see one-to-one connections with consumers at scale. The year would also see the marriage of commerce with connected devices. And of course, it could also see the emergence of consumers who pay to not be disturbed.
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