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Aug 31, 2013

Media gets busy as Greenpeace F1 ambush video gets removed

Video was removed by YouTube following copyright complaint

Media gets busy as Greenpeace F1 ambush video gets removed

A video of an ambush of the Shell-sponsored Grand Prix in Belgium by Greenpeace activists has got additional media attention following it being pulled down from YouTube, citing a copyright complaint.

The video showed the podium ceremony of the Belgian Grand Prix, where two remote controlled banners emerged to promote the 'Save The Arctic' campaign by Greenpeace against Shell. They were raised while winners were on the podium and the national anthem was being played, following which an organiser removed them.

The video was just one of the many things Greenpeace did to what is now referred to as ‘takeover’ of the F1 race.

Here is what had to say about the incidents.

Writing on, Brian Fitzgerald, head of digital networking and mobilisation, Greenpeace International, put forth this argument.

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