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Aug 12, 2021

Marketers struggling to deal with deluge of data

TOP OF THE CHARTS: While they have coped admirably with a drastic changes wrought by the pandemic, marketers are balancing a profusion of data sources, with spotty quality and efficacy, Salesforce's State of Marketing report reveals

Marketers struggling to deal with deluge of data
Methodology: Salesforce Research surveyed over 8,200 marketing leaders worldwide to get their views on a range of subjects including shifts in marketing strategy. state of digital transformation, data management and collaboration. Data in this report is from a double-blind survey conducted from May 4 through June 3, 2021 that generated 8,227 responses across North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 
More from this source: 
  • 78% of marketers say their customer engagement is data-driven
  • With so much emphasis being placed on customer data and its implications for
  • marketing, it’s reasonable to assume that organisations would pull out all the stops
  • to ensure its overall quality. Unfortunately, marketers have made only marginal progress in improving data hygiene. 
  • Marketing data quality still leaves much to be desired
  • 78% of high performers say they use a customer data platform (CDP), versus 58% of
  • underperformers.
  • With this data explosion, consumers are becoming wary about the safety of their private data--61% of consumers feel like they’ve lost control over how their personal information is used (up from 46% in 2019).* 
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