Looking Back: 2011, Going ahead : 2012 - Lutz Kothe

As part of the series, here is what Lutz Kothe, head of marketing & PR, Volkswagen, has to say from the automobile industry

Jan 05, 2012 10:08:00 PM | Article | Manmohan Taparia


Looking back: What have been the macro-level gains for India in 2011? 
At a macro level, it has been a pretty volatile year for India from both political and economic scenario and despite the slowdown the overall India growth story has not waned.

What kind of work / campaigns / events impressed you the most in 2011; and why?
The 'BlackBerry Boys' campaign as they changed BlackBerry from a pure office device to an “everybody” device which enlarged the target group enormously.

They say growth in India will be driven by rural markets, the 350 small towns spread across the country and PSUs. True or false? And why or why not? 
Not solely but the biggest growth potential is definitely there.

How can we sustain a strong and diverse talent pool in ad land which has equity across the globe?
Invest into education, encourage them to do the unexpected (target oriented though) and pay them well.

Harish Manwani, the COO of Unilever said: India is the future of the world. Does this statement reflect the reality? Your comment.
India belongs to the future of the world due to its growth potential. Fortunately we do not live in a monopolised world.

If you had to start this business all over again in 2011, you would…
 ...do exactly the same.

If you could design the Indian business for 2012 with a clean sheet of paper, what were the three things you would do? 
Stabilise the Rupee.
Recommend the government to think through economical decisions a bit more.
Bring the slogan “Incredible India” alive through all economies.

What do you ask the person in the mirror every morning?
What excitement the day ahead will bring.