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Sep 23, 2020

Laqshya Media Group makes a case for OOH with time spent on roads increasing

Auto sales at 73% of the total sales in August 2020 compared to same time in August 2019

Traffic in Mumbai is at almost 88% of the peak seen in January 2020
Traffic in Mumbai is at almost 88% of the peak seen in January 2020
According to a report published by Laqshya Media Insights Group, travel times in cities is 'close to peak time'. 
The agency captured data on time taken for point-to-point trips from Google Maps in August. It states that after very low commute time during the first stages of the lockdown, time spent on the road in Mumbai is at 77-88% to the peak traffic time observed in January 2020. In Delhi it's at 70% of the peak and Bengaluru it's at 80%.  
Using this data, the company is making a case for OOH advertising. 
The media company also quoted a study by US based PJ Soloman that urged marketers should to look towards outdoor because the cost is lowest and recall is highest.
Atul Shrivastava, CEO, Laqshya Media Group, said, “There are a lot of opportunities for marketers if they get over their perceptions and look at the data. We at Laqshya have invested in data and analytical techniques to be able to give better ROI to our clients. PJ Solomon’s study shows that OOH media gives brands greater recall at lower costs. Also, being one of the best No-Touch media, OOH is one of the best bets for marketers in the current situation.”
Auto sales
The report also stated how auto sales are on the road to recovery in India. 
Between June and August 2020, people in India bought more than 25 lakh two-wheelers and 4.6 lakh personal vehices along with 1.87 lakh tractors. Overall auto sales which were at 58% in June 2020 (compared to June 2019) were at 73% in August 2020 (compared to August 2020).
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