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Nov 25, 2010

Jivox launches new tool to measure online advertising

The service is called "BrandGage"

Jivox launches new tool to measure online advertising

Interactive video advertising technology provider, Jivox has launched ‘BrandGage’ - a new approach to measuring and optimising interactive online video advertising. This tool enables brands to determine user engagement at different stages in the purchasing decision process in real-time, delivering insight into campaign effectiveness.

Commenting on this, Naren Nachiappan, managing director India, Jivox, said, “With this launch and introduction by Jivox we have made click-through rates redundant as a measure of online advertising success. Clicking or not clicking does not accurately indicate a consumer's interest in the product being advertised. In fact, research shows a lot of clicks result from users trying to stop the ad from playing or trying to move ahead to the content they had intended to consume.”

Nachiappan added, “Jivox ‘BrandGage’ supports brand marketers launching awareness and direct response campaigns by using empirical data to tie user ad interactions to purchase intent. It offers unmatched insight, enhanced engagement by 5X and improved campaign optimization in terms of understanding and optimizing campaign performance.”

On the launch of BrandGage, Diaz Nesamoney , chief executive officer, Jivox, said, “Until now, advertisers have only been able to scratch the surface of brand engagement and when it comes to measurement this has been typically post-campaign with survey-based data,” said. “With this new layer of analytics, we are pushing the boundaries of online video advertising by enabling brands to prove the value of their campaigns and optimize campaigns for performance.”

Jivox ads are automatically pre-instrumented with analytic tags that report back to the Jivox platform several hundred million events per campaign, relating to user interaction with the video ad.

BrandGage collects this user engagement data in real-time from its interactive video ads and uses algorithms to determine user intent and what stages of the purchase funnel they are likely to be in awareness, consideration, engagement or intent to purchase. Connecting advertising with purchase intent in real-time eliminates the limitations of current approaches and raises the bar for online video advertising measurement and performance.

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