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Apr 25, 2023

Interbrand celebrates 10 years in India with special logo

Launches Arenas, to offer a fresh perspective on conventional categories

Interbrand celebrates 10 years in India with special logo
Brand consultancy Interbrand has unveiled a special logo unit, to mark the completion of ten years of its existence in India. 
Through the logo, Interbrand wants to reflect its 'Change Creators,' belief.
It has also unveiled a new concept called Arenas, which offers a 'fresh perspective on conventional categories'. Interbrand's 'Arena-Thinking' recognises that competition can come from any category that can address the same customer needs.
Ashish Mishra, CEO, Interbrand India and South Asia, said, “We are looking at increasing our Asia footprint, deploying arenas as an iconic move for partners to create quantum growth in business value and adding specialised verticals. One of the verticals naturally emerging for us on is the branding of new teams. This is also a vertical well supported by our global experience including the world’s most talked about rebrand, Juventus.” 
Gonzalo Brujó, global CEO, Interbrand, said, “We have seen such incredible work coming out of India’s office over the last decade. Despite an extremely challenging environment for business across the world (lockdowns, war, supply chain disruptions, etc.), Interbrand India has grown an astounding four times while maintaining an excellent reputation as a solid partner for our clients. The last time I visited the country, I claimed India was to enter its own decade of possibilities. Currently, with a strong economic performance, businesses driving strategic shifts and technology advancements, I surely can confirm that India is already navigating its decade of possibilities.” 
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