Arati Rao
Dec 16, 2011

Infographic: Top Hindi news morning programmes

Programmes on Star News and Aaj Tak dominated the morning news time band between January to November 2011

Infographic: Top Hindi news morning programmes

According to TAM, here are the top ten programmes on Hindi  news channels during January – November 2011 (Time band considered : 7 to 10am).

Source: TAM Peoplemeter System 
TG: CS 15+ yrs 
Market: Hindi Speaking Market 
Time Band: 7 to 10 AM 
Period: Jan - Nov (Wk 1 to Wk 48) 2011

Rank Channel Date Programme TVR
1 Star News 28/08/2011 YE AADHI JEET HAI                        0.74
2 Aaj Tak 28/08/2011 ANNA ZINDABAD                            0.74
3 Aaj Tak 16/08/2011 ANNA KI AUGUST KRANTI                    0.65
4 Aaj Tak 25/03/2011 INDIA MANGE CUP-YE YUVRAJ KA WORLD CUP          0.57
5 Aaj Tak 3/4/2011 VISHWAVIJETA   0.56
6 Star News 3/4/2011 STAR SAVERA                              0.55
7 Zee News 18/08/2011 ZEE NEWS                                 0.53
8 Star News 12/3/2011 BALLE BALLE FATAFAT                      0.51
9 Star News 12/3/2011 FATAFAT                                  0.51
10 Aaj Tak 17/08/2011 AAJ SUBAH                                0.51













According to the Star News spokesperson, on anything unusual in those particular episodes that helped them earn good TRPs, "There is nothing unusual but viewers prefer to go to a credible news channels for the important and big news. All three news mentioned above were big news, Aana Hazare, and the World Cup.'Ye Aadhi Jeet Hai' was on Anna Hazare to break his fast, Anna's victory celebrations at India Gate. Star Savera was about India wins the Cricket World Cup 2011, and Balle Balle Fatafat  was on the news that South Africa beats India in WC 2011 match."

When asked, what morning news viewers look for in terms of programming, the spokesperson said, "If you look at the programming line up in the morning time band of majority of news channels, a mix of fast news bulletins, astrology, cricket, and religious content take the lead. But we at Star News have taken a conscious call : “No astrology, no religion. Only hard news.'."

On advertiser interest during this time band, the spokesperson commented, "On news channels, 7-10am is considered the second most preferred time band after evening prime time (6-11pm). On an average, a leading news channel consumes 15-16 minutes of advertising per hour in this time band."  



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