Raahil Chopra
May 14, 2019

I-Com Global Summit: India's solution for the Warner Bros challenge

Team MIQ India presented its set of solutions for Warner Bros challenge of evolving content consumption trends as subscribers shift away from cable TV

I-Com Global Summit: India's solution for the Warner Bros challenge
Anil Kumar, data scientist, MIQ India, presented the agency's solution for Warner Bros' business problem of evolving digital consumption trends.
Explaining the problem, Kumar, said, "We are talking about a phenomena where people are moving away from watching movies in theatres and shifting to Netflix and other streaming services."
He added, "After October 2018, the number of new subscriptions for cable TV was lower than video streaming subscription. This was the right time for Warner to move into the streaming service category. The average month-on-month growth was 37 per cent for cable TV and 49 per cent for video subscription services."  
His suggestion was that Warner Bros can have a bundled package for one month subscription on Warner Bros streaming for users that use Time Warner Cable. "We saw the target audience for different genres of movies and the audience for each. We then saw where they’re more likely to see their movies. We saw that overall, 50 per cent of the people wanted to watch new releases in a theatre, while 18 per cent wanted to watch it on a subscription streaming service. Among the 50 per cent who wanted to see it in theatre, nine per cent wanted to watch it after three weeks. So, we suggested that while WB will lose out 9 per cent of their audience by taking it off their theatres after three weeks, they can then release it on a streaming service and gain more."
The winners of the challenge will be announced at the 10th annual I-Com Global summit in Malaga later today.
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