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Feb 02, 2015

Happy Creative Services adds new digital division

Team to have 18 members

Happy Creative Services adds new digital division
Happy Creative Services has expanded to offer digital solutions team. 
The 18-member team comprises of Akshaye Madhok as digital director, Sanaa Abdussamad as creative lead, Anoop Menon as digital strategist, Sumana Samuk as group account director and Madhu Sudan as digital producer.
According to a statement from the agency, this division will help in connecting brands with its relevant audiences in the digital medium. Services offered will include strategy, creative, content, technology, data, design and development and data driven insights. 
The agency hopes to create 'purposeful digital content' and 'experiences that can spark genuine conversations'. 
Praveen Das, CCO and co-founder, Happy Creative Services , said, "We intend to achieve this through the application of consumer data, and technology insights with a strong focus to marry design and digital. And with the rise of so many tech businesses, we are fully equipped to deliver to their design & experience needs."
Kartik Iyer, CEO and co-founder, Happy Creative Services, added, "We have always been a medium agnostic agency providing content for brands across requirements. The move to invest in a fully native digital set up is more from an internal capability point of view. In the world of digital ideas having the ability to experiment internally just makes the process and output a lot better. Also it helps marketers to identify with us when we have a full fledged unit. Its also a move to transform the entire agency into a digital ecosystem. We love creating brands and have successfully done so in the last seven years. We're really excited to see if we can create brands purely on digital. That is an exciting possibility.”
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