Gokul’s blog: ‘Are you interested in moving?’ Where???

A lot has been written about the problem with talent. How about addressing the problem with talent hunting?

Jul 15, 2013 04:13:00 PM | Article | Gokul Krishnamurthy

This has happened far too many times to go unwritten. Sometimes they think they know everything, when they don’t. Sometimes they just want to know more, making us squirm uncomfortably in the process.

Excerpts from yet another conversation with a 'talent executive'. Proof that half knowledge can indeed be counter-productive.

Talent executive (TE): Mr Krishnamurthy, I am ‘XYZ’, calling on behalf of ‘XXX’ (talent consultants). I am contacting you regarding a very exciting opportunity. Would you be interested?

Self: Sorry?

TE: We are looking for a senior editorial person. It is for a very reputed news brand. Would you be interested?

Self: But...

TE: If you are interested I could share further details.

Self: How do I respond without knowing what the opportunity is?

TE: I can share all details, Mr Krishnamurthy, once you tell me if you are interested.

Self: I don’t know if I am interested, because I don’t know what you are talking about. I don't know if I'm being clear enough?

TE: It’s a good position, Sir. And I am sure it will be a good move. Also, if you don’t mind, what is your current CTC?

(At this point I am tempted to crack a quick one on the 'good position', but restrain myself for fear of anything I say being used against me, given that the caller was of the opposite gender.)

Self: I’m sorry but I don’t want to continue this conversation without knowing who I am speaking with or on what. Mail me instead, please, if you can?

TE: Surely. Can you tell me what your CTC is, so that we can send you suitable options?

Self: How...! How did you get my number? And why did you call me on some position if you didn’t know what I do or what I earn?

TE: We have our database, Sir. We know you are editor of Campaign India. You have worked with Hindu and Times and ....... in (the) past.

Self: Do you know what I did there? Or whether I was an employee? On what basis did you contact me?

(I am concerned because the last time someone called me, it was for a crime editor’s position...)

TE: Sir, your last four jobs you have switched in one year and four months or five months, so we are exploring possibility of your shifting now... you have completed a year and three months according to your online profile...

(LinkedIn is the only social network on which I have an active profile. I'm not sure whether to be amazed at the data-driven head hunting, or apalled at the deduction. Wish my cellular service providers and DTH operator engaged with me this way!)

Self: I’m quite happy where I am. Thank you. In case you have an ‘exciting opportunity’ that I will be unable to resist, please do mail me.

TE: Sir, surely. But can you tell me what your current CTC is?

At this point, I wish the network had failed. It didn’t. The line had to be disconnected, however impolite that may have seemed. I had a job to do. Thankfully.