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Jul 23, 2020

Gem Paints assigns creative mandate to DDB Mudra South

No multi-agency pitch involved

Gem Paints assigns creative mandate to DDB Mudra South
Gem Paints has appointed DDB Mudra South to handle its creative duties. The agency will be looking to devise its strategy and creative as it looks to move from a B2B to B2C brand.
Nitin Gandotra, director, Gem Paints, said, “The benefits of a communication expert for the growth and development of a business is often downplayed. And if one can get into a happy marriage with a name like DDB Mudra, it is priceless. It is going to be a step - up in creating awareness about the existence of an outstanding brand and achieve significant reach in the markets of South India. A fresh and improvised perspective in the objectives, driving strategy, with target to reach the most effective markets and a whole new creative campaign for the company. DDB Mudra undoubtedly has a lot of successful campaigns to their credit. They were chosen and finalised for their vast and thorough knowledge of consumer behaviour in India, extensive reach, and an overall holistic approach.”
Ranji Cherian, president and managing partner, DDB Mudra South, said, “This oft-repeated divide between B2B and B2C marketing is misleading. The way in which people interact with either B2B or B2C brands is incredibly similar. People rely heavily on emotions rather than information alone to make brand decisions. It’s a pleasure to partner with a visionary leader at Gem Paints who appreciated our deep understanding of social and cultural contexts that moves people at scale.”
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