Gaurav's blog: Now I understand why we are called ‘tribes of data people'

The author discusses his experience during the I-Com Global Summit 2022

Jun 08, 2022 01:11:00 PM | Article | Gaurav Sablania

The moment I got off my cab and looked at the sea, it felt majestic and calm at the same time. Andreas Cohen has done a fantastic job of picking up the perfect corner in the world to host the I-COM Global Summit 2022 at Costa Brava.
There’s been great line up on roundtables and presentations on Data Startup and Data Creativity Awards.
In just two days at the event, the speed at which we are shifting gears and discussing challenges, evolving role of data and creative outcomes is fascinating. There is an overall acknowledgement on commonalities on the problem statements in the Industry and I think we all are taking it back home to think about it.
The Data Creativity Challenge was one of most exciting events to attend (also, I presented my 2 case and won category award for both – Vaccinating 1.38 billion Indians for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and social media for Netflix Originals). Winning at I-COM is a testimony to our belief that data is at core of what we do at Wavemaker.
For me personally, the role of data for driving our sustainable development goals is what got my attention the most. I found common concern and need for a more defined outcome-based measurement for this world. The discussions have been so exciting that it felt we are like setting up an Avengers sort team to work on this as passion project. Now I understand why Andreas called us ‘Tribes of data people’.
(The author is general manager – product and insights, Wavemaker India.)