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Feb 06, 2023

Edelweiss General Insurance is now Zuno General Insurance

Launches a campaign conceptualised by BC Web Wise to highlight its new business perspective

Edelweiss General Insurance is now Zuno General Insurance

Edelweiss General Insurance announced its rebranded identity on 6 February 2023 as Zuno General Insurance. 


The brand’s refreshed name ‘Zuno’ is derived from the words ‘Zeal’ and ‘Uno’. It aims to focus on transforming the insurance industry to make the process seamless for its consumers. 


The intent to give the brand a new look and provide reformed solutions was to bring back the factor of credibility in the insurance sector amongst consumers, informed a company statement. 


To highlight its revived identity, the brand has rolled out a campaign '#ZunoAndChill' to reiterate this refreshed business strategy. 


Conceptualised by BC Web Wise, the film showcases how the brand aims to appeal to millennials and Gen Z audiences by providing them with personalised insurance solutions. The film showcases how life can be dramatic, but it needn’t be the same with insurance. It depicts how the brand aims to be a friend for insurers so that consumers can just #ZunoAndChill.

It has also rolled out a rap song featuring its employees. 


The logo and creatives, were curated by Landor & Fitch India. 


The brand has heavily invested in digital platforms for this campaign and is planning to partner with radio stations to spread awareness in the coming months. 


Campaign India spoke to Rakesh Kaul, chief distribution officer, Zuno General Insurance, to pick his mind on the new financial solutions for consumers, how they aim to market its user-based solutions and the impact they are expecting.


Edited excerpts: 


What impact are you expecting from consumers with this revived identity? 


What we want to portray with this refreshed identity is already established in the consumer's mind as we are a 25-year-old brand that has been digitally forward with regard to its insurance solutions. 


Our customer segment is already millennial and digitally forward. Thus we believe that with Zuno’s user-based insurance offerings, we will be able to lead the next wave of insurance solutions by personalising our insurance programmes. This user-based offering will enable us to tap into new audience segments. 


Are there any new insurance solutions consumers can look forward to?


Our Zuno mobile app will integrate all segments like health insurance and our telematics-based-motor insurance schemes. We believe we will become a one-stop solution for insurance with this app and aspire to make it a seamless process for our consumers. 


Our insurance segment is primarily held by two focus areas: health and motor. In the motor segment, we have already launched products like Switch, an on-demand car insurance policy. We aim to roll out similar products for the health sector as well. 


What are your plans to acquire new consumer segments for your brand?


We want to make insurance easy, friendly and transparent. Getting insurance to be transparent isn’t an easy task. Historically, when you buy a policy and get a policy copy with all the terms and conditions, the consumer wants to move away from them. We too want to do away with terms and conditions that are not required. Hence, we clearly state what is not covered in the insurance scheme so that the consumer is more aware. 


Today, insurance is pushed as a product that is mandatory by law on the car insurance side. The moment of truth of an insurance product is when the claim comes in and is where there should be no surprises for consumers. 


We want people to not worry about not getting covered once they buy the insurance and that’s the problem area we would like to address. 


How do you intend to personalise your insurance schemes? Are consumers willing to share their data to enable curated solutions? 


We initially had doubts about consumers sharing their data with us willingly. However, our Zuno General Insurance report highlights that consumers are willing to share data if it impacts their premiums. According to the report, 70% of respondents are willing to opt for usage-based insurance. The trust factor is clearly linked to reward. 


Consumers are willing to share their data if they believe that the reward of sharing that data is good enough. Once we communicate that to our consumers, they will be comfortable with their data being utilised for personalised solutions. 


We are a secure ecosystem and are certified on all data protection platforms. That is what is enabling us to garner consumer data. 



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