Noel D'souza
Oct 11, 2023

Zuno General Insurance fuels road safety through incentives

Campaign India chats with Shanai Ghosh, managing director and CEO, Zuno General Insurance, to delve into the company's recent campaign focused on road safety

In the realm of insurance and innovation, Zuno General Insurance has embarked on a conscious journey by rolling out '15 days driving challenge - Zuno driving quotient.'


Conceptualised by BC Webwise, the campaign aims to change the way consumers think about motor insurance, with a determined commitment to transforming road safety in India.  


This campaign explains how Zuno General Insurance also aims to reward participants for their responsible behaviour behind the wheel. By doing so, the brand aspires to contribute to the larger mission of making Indian roads safer for everyone.


We caught up with Shanai Ghosh, managing director and CEO, Zuno General Insurance, to pick her brain on the vision behind this campaign, how it intends to reward drivers in the pursuit of advocating for safer Indian roads and its marketing plans. 


Edited excerpts: 


What inspired Zuno General Insurance to launch the '15 Days Driving Challenge - Zuno Driving Quotient,' and how does it align with the company's innovative approach to motor insurance?


At Zuno General Insurance, our mission extends beyond the traditional realm of insurance. We believe in safeguarding not just possessions but also lives. While insurance has always been about mitigating risks, we wanted to take a step further by preventing those risks from materialising. As an insurance company, we aimed to engage with our customers in a way that went beyond mere protection—it was about preventing accidents and encouraging safer driving habits.


The idea behind the '15 Days Driving Challenge' was born from our desire to create genuine value for our customers. While there's surface-level awareness about the importance of safe driving, we wanted to show our commitment by putting "skin in the game." That's why we designed a product that incentivises our policyholders to drive safely. By participating in this challenge, they receive a 'Zuno driving score' based on their performance, along with attractive discounts from our end.


Our focus with this initiative is twofold: firstly, to encourage our policyholders to be safer drivers and secondly, to foster a deeper engagement between us and our customers, promoting road safety as a shared responsibility. With the '15 Days Driving Challenge,' we invite our customers to experience the benefits of safe driving firsthand.


What is the marketing split and strategy for this campaign?


As a digital-first company, our campaign revolves around the concept of a driving score measured through mobile telematics. This naturally caters to tech-savvy individuals comfortable with digital platforms. Therefore, our marketing strategy primarily emphasises digital channels. 


However, we're also allocating a portion of our communication to radio and out-of-home (OOH) advertising to reach a broader audience.


Road safety advocacy is a key highlight of this campaign. How does Zuno General Insurance plan to actively promote road safety and create awareness among participants and the wider community?


While the importance of road safety is widely acknowledged, our campaign aims to make it engaging and actionable. We've gamified the concept to help people understand their strengths and areas for improvement when it comes to safe driving. Participants can see their scores, track their savings, and earn insurance rewards through our mobile app.


Our ultimate goal is to create a positive word-of-mouth movement for road safety. We want to encourage drivers to continually strive for better performance with our app. This campaign isn't just a one-time effort; it's a long-term commitment to making our roads safer.


The campaign mentions a 'badge of honour.' What does this badge signify, and how does it motivate participants to engage in safe driving practices?


The 'badge of honour' is a social emblem that proudly displays an individual's high Zuno driving score. In today's world, being socially responsible resonates with people, especially the younger generation, who advocate for causes such as equal rights, inclusion, diversity, and environmental protection. 


This initiative aligns with their sentiments by helping protect lives and promoting safer roads. The badge signifies a commitment to safety and encourages participants to be ambassadors for responsible driving within their communities.


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