Creative critique from a gender lens: 24-28 April

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews ads from last week on the basis of gender sensitivity

May 05, 2023 08:26:00 AM | Article | Dr AL Sharada Share - Share to Facebook

What worked: 


DBS Bank

Gone are the days of banking being solely a male domain. This captivating advertisement showcases a young, intelligent woman who takes charge of her financial decisions, proving that banking is for everyone.


The ad celebrates the confidence and empowerment of modern women, presenting the protagonist as savvy and smart when it comes to making banking choices. 


Yet, while this ad takes a significant step forward, it still falls prey to the conventional power dynamics and highlights men as the voice of authority and as service providers, thus inadvertently reinforcing the notion that men hold the reins in the banking industry.


Gender Sensitivity Score (GSS): 3.75/5


Tata Power

The ad showcases the indomitable spirit of a young girl determined to excel in sports. Set against the backdrop of the breathtaking landscapes and unique challenges of Leh Ladakh, this advertisement beautifully captures the essence of resilience and ambition.


The girl, hailing from this rugged region, embodies the strength and determination required to overcome the geographic, climatic, and cultural obstacles that come her way. By shining a light on the remarkable young girl from Leh Ladakh, the ad subtly emphasises the need for sustainable development in this awe-inspiring region.


Beyond the captivating storyline, through its association with the girl's journey, this advertisement delivers a powerful message about the transformative impact of solar energy. 


GSS: 3.75/5



The ad features the popular Bollywood actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu. In a society constrained by restrictive gender norms, this advertisement dares young women to break free from the shackles that limit their choices and aspirations.


Prabhu, a symbol of strength and independence, serves as an inspiration for all young women who face societal pressures to conform. The ad challenges the status quo, urging women to defy expectations by choosing to work late, refusing to succumb to societal pressures of marriage at a certain age, and fearlessly embracing challenging roles in their chosen careers. It drives home the importance of reiterating such messages and images in popular communication. It recognises the urgency to challenge and ultimately change deeply ingrained gender-discriminatory social norms.


GSS: 4/5


What did not work:


Totally male-centric and macho ads


Max Protein 

GSS: 2.5/5


Lay's Gourmet

GSS: 3/5



GSS: 2.5/5


Other films from the week:


Mother Dairy 

GSS: 3/5



GSS: 2.5/5



GSS: 3/5



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