Simplilearn guarantees its students a job and a celebratory party

Watch the films conceptualised by Bluebot Digital here

Jan 11, 2022 12:18:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team Share - Share to Facebook

Simplilearn, a digital-skills bootcamp, has launched a campaign titled #JobGuaranteed, to highlight the benefit of a guaranteed job with Simplilearn’s job guarantee programs. Conceptualised by Bluebot Digital, the films throw focus on the popular culture of asking for a treat from the one who secures a new job or accomplishes something. 
The first film showcases a boy named Vicky who enrolls for Simplilearn’s course. He is asked for a treat by his brother and local shopkeeper before he reaches his workplace. When at work, he is summoned by his boss, who also congratulates him sarcastically by stating that she’s aware that he’s planning to move on after finishing his course. 
The second film features another boy playing cricket. On learning about the course he’s doing, his playmate asks him for a treat, followed by the same request on text from his girlfriend. When he stands in a queue, a lady spots him and reminds him that he’s yet to give her a party. Frustrated, he responds by telling her that his course is not over yet. On hearing this, she tells him that everyone is aware about Simplilearn’s guarantee of getting a job, once the course is done. 
Mark Moran, chief marketing officer, Simplilearn, said, “As a leading online Bootcamp, we are excited to launch this campaign bringing job guarantee as a core offering to aspirants, coupled with the relatable storyline of asking for a treat when one succeeds in their profession. We hope viewers will relate to the characters and find motivation to learn new skills and share their sweet success with their family and friends.” 
Carl Savio, CEO and CCO, Bluebot Digital said, “The campaign is built around a tangible product benefit - guaranteed jobs. While conceptualising the campaign we stumbled on a cultural insight - In our country, it’s customary to ask for a treat when a friend or family member acquires an asset or moves up in stature. And from there we built a campaign that we know will relate to all demographics.” 
The campaign will be rolled out across digital platforms and print.