Campaign India’s Mental Health Survey: The panel discussion

Second part of the survey features a discussion from industry seniors

Mar 05, 2021 04:04:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Recently, Campaign India revealed the survey findings of its first-ever Mental Health Survey, conducted by respondents from advertising, marketing, PR and the media industries. Seeing participation from close to 200 respondents, the findings threw light on a whole host of workplace challenges faced by employees, compounded further by the Covid-19 pandemic and the year 2020 was.
To take the conversation further, and to address the issues brought to the fore by the survey, Campaign India put together a panel comprising senior and mid-level members from the advertising, marketing and PR universe. The session saw Achint Setia, VP - marketing at Myntra; Surbhi Gupta, chief talent officer, Publicis Groupe, South Asia; Jaideep Shergill, founding partner, Pitchfork Partners, and Saransh Mehta, brand strategist, Dentsu Webchutney. The session was moderated by Mukta Lad, consultant journalist at Campaign India.
The first question placed to Gupta and Setia set an important context – while several companies are offering employees access to therapy and mental health practitioners, the work, deadlines, calls and the expectation to be available all the time doesn’t seem to be lessening. Who is the onus of employee mental health on? Gupta and Setia address this, while Shergill goes on to answer what can happen from here to give employees a more balanced life. Watch the first part of the discussion below:

Thereon, Mehta took the discussion forward, throwing light on an informal survey around work-life balance in advertising. He elaborates on what prompted him to do this and what agencies can do to ease these testing time for employees such as himself.
Moving to the the third pillar of the conversation: How can clients, bosses and employees collaboratively come together to rid the industry of the gloom clouds made up of stress, burnouts, anxiety and other mental health problems? Setia kickstarted this piece, passing the baton on to Shergill, while Mehta added his own thoughts to the chain.

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