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Feb 13, 2024

As beauty standards evolve, we prioritise character, actions, and expressions over traditional norms: Julia Morley, Miss World Organisation

The chairperson and chief executive officer underscores the role of brand partnerships in driving the event's success and their ability to forge meaningful connections with audiences worldwide

As beauty standards evolve, we prioritise character, actions, and expressions over traditional norms: Julia Morley, Miss World Organisation
After a hiatus of 28 years, Miss World makes a return to India, heralding the onset of a global appeal that promises to captivate audiences worldwide. 
The event is scheduled to take place on 9 March 2024 and the theme is 'beauty with a purpose'. 
The festival embarks on a 21-day journey marked by on-ground events to engage with young women as agents of change and leaders of tomorrow, before D-day. 
A total of 120 contestants representing nations from around the globe will converge in India, to compete in various competitions, to champion charitable initiatives, embodying the spirit of change and goodwill as ambassadors of their respective countries.
Through dedicated media channels on the platform, contestants will be able to showcase their talents and vie for a spot among the top 20 finalists for this year's pageant. 
The live broadcast partnerships are forged with Sony LIV and production offerings will be handled by Endemol Shine India and Banijay Asia. For the events OOH responsibilities Bright Outdoor Media has been appointed. 
In addition, Adsplash Agency will drive marketing endeavours and introduce valuable supporting partners to the Miss World Organisation's 'beauty with a purpose' program.
In an exclusive interview with Campaign India, Julia Morley, chairperson and chief executive officer of the Miss World Organisation, delves into the significance of leveraging India's cultural richness for brand associations and ensuring the event's continued relevance amidst evolving beauty pageant trends.
Edited excerpts: 
What influenced the decision to bring Miss World back to India after 28 years?
Bringing the Miss World Festival to India holds a special significance for me, as my deep affection for this country is no secret. The long-awaited return of Miss World to India after 28 years is a testament to the collective efforts of everyone involved. A warm welcome is extended to the 120 Miss World Nations, whose 'beauty with a purpose' ambassadors have journeyed from across the globe to partake in the festivities.
The local community's enthusiasm in witnessing the endeavours of our young women adds to the joyous atmosphere, making India a cherished destination for families and youth alike, seeking both cultural enlightenment and a warm embrace.
How will the Miss World Organisation leverage India's cultural richness for brand association?
Brand partnerships are integral to the success of Miss World, exemplifying the importance of collaboration in driving meaningful initiatives forward. 
How will Endemol Shine India and Banijay Asia, as producers, elevate marketing and media coverage for the show and how does the Miss World Organisation ensure the event stays relevant amidst changing beauty pageant trends?
In the realm of large-scale events, collaboration is key. Regardless of the industry, effective promotion and communication are essential. Our partnerships with Endemol Shine India and Banijay Asia hold significant importance as they facilitate the expansion of our streaming platform, fostering global connectivity. Through these alliances, we collectively contribute to the promotion and sales efforts, recognising the integral role played by every individual involved, from designers to models.
We are fortunate to collaborate with various hotels, television networks, and media outlets in India, amplifying our message to a global audience spanning over 150 countries. Across generations, people are eager to stay informed about our initiatives.
As beauty standards evolve within the industry, our focus shifts towards individuals' character, actions, and expressions rather than conventional notions of beauty or body types. Communication remains paramount, embracing diversity in every form without discrimination.
There was a time in the 90s and early 2000s when India dominated Miss World during this period. Which are the biggest markets for you globally?
While India certainly excelled in pageant victories, its dominance didn't necessarily translate to market supremacy. Our winners have hailed from a variety of regions, spanning Latin America to Africa, showcasing the global diversity of our pageant. 
How does the Miss World Organisation plan to utilise to engage audiences effectively, and how does it tailor marketing strategies to resonate with diverse global audiences?
Websites play a crucial role in communication strategies. This year, we've launched a new website tailored to our needs. We need to assess the impact and effectiveness of this website moving forward.
How will utilise social media to drive engagement and participation, and which media channel will telecast Miss World 2024 in India, and what influenced this decision? What else is in the media mix?
Social media will play a vital role in our communication strategy, ensuring widespread engagement with our audience. Additionally, the 71st Miss World Festival will be live-streamed exclusively on our broadcast partner Sony LIV, offering comprehensive coverage of the event to viewers worldwide.
Every section that we can dominate to get the word out we are on. We have people all over the place and in different mediums spreading the word. 
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