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Jul 09, 2018

Agency Report Card 2017: The unveiling

How did agencies perform in 2017 and what differentiates them from the rest

Agency Report Card 2017: The unveiling
When we at Campaign India were looking to bring back the Agency Report Card it was clear that we would also bring in a new set of rules.
First, only those agencies who responded to the questionnaire sent by us would be eligible for getting the grades.
Second, like every evaluation even this one depends on the quality of the response sent by the agency. Those who took the effort to get into the details stood a better chance of getting higher grades.
Third, apart from the Campaign India editorial team we also brought in two external evaluators, Meenakshi Menon of Spatial Access and Sunil Gupta of Aprais. While both of them are veteran ad professionals, the fact that both of them are involved with the working of agencies as third party experts in their respective domains of audit and relationship management made them the right choice for this exercise.
Finally, while giving out the grades, we had to build a lot of aspiration for the years to come. While we agreed that this was a difficult year for the industry, we did not want to lower the bar. Drawing a parallel with the business of hospitality, we decided that the highest rank, A+, would be as exclusive as the Michelin Stars. No agency makes the cut this year. Also, only one agency gets the second highest grade in this year's edition. Over the next few days, we will be unveiling the grades of four agencies every day. All the best!


A Unmatched                  C Satisfactory
A- Outstanding C- Passable
B+ Excellent D+ Needs work
B Very good D Poor
B- Good D- Struggling to survive
C+ Average F Failed

Note: No agency scored A+ the standard that denotes Par Excellence in the current edition of the Agency Report Cards

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