Adtech 2012: "29% of YouTube views in India come from mobile," says Google's Praveen Sharma

In a session titled 'Leveraging social media to gain a multiplier effect on all digital endeavours', Sharma talked about what YouTube India has been up to

Adtech 2012:

Ad:tech 2012's Master Class series included a session featuring Praveen Sharma, head of media sales, Google India, who addressed the session 'Leveraging social media to gain a multiplier effect on all digital endeavours'. During his presentation, Sharma focused on the growth of YouTube in India and its adoption across platforms. He also elaborated on the various tools that Google has rolled out for the content publishers as well as advertisers.

Sharing internal research data, Sharma informed that contrary to popular perception, a significant number of Indians access YouTube from their mobile devices. "Though, many believe that onmly about 5% of YouTube views from India are from mobile, our data shows that it is 29% of YouTube views in India come from mobile."

Talking about ContentID, the tool introduced by Google to monitor content uploaded by users, Sharma elaborated on the benefits for original content owners as well as advertisers. ContentID matches all uploaded video's unique data with the data submitted by content owners and flags the owners if there is a match. He added that the onus is on content owners to decide whether they want to pull off the content or let it be available online.

Pointing out the engagement generated by YouTube videos, he said, "Our statistics reveal that 63% users searched on YouTube for related videos, 57% users watched another related video, while 52% read comments posted for the video."  

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