Adland's CCOs marked safe in Las Vegas shootout

Five Indian CCOs from leading agencies were in Las Vegas for the LIA jury meet

Oct 03, 2017 09:17:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Five leading Indian CCOs were in Las Vegas as a part of the jury for the London International Awards (LIA 2017). 

Amit Akali of Medulla and What's Your Problem, Raj Deepak Das of Leo Burnett and Sandipan Bhattacharyya of Grey were having a quick dinner when they saw cops running around. "Till then nothing could move me away from my pork tacos. We were taken out through the kitchen of the restaurant," wrote Akali on his social media post.

Outside on the street, helicopters were hovering above and commandos were running alongside. The trio were then taken to a Casino, where commandos entered and searched every spot before marking the place safe. The roads finally opened up at 3 am. 

"Thank God, Raj and Sandy were there with me. I couldn't ask for a safer pair of friends. That allowed me to relax and play roulette in the casino we were locked in. I gambled first time in a Vegas casino," wrote Akali in his post.

Also in Vegas for the LIA jury were Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar, CCO, Cheil India who was part of the digital jury and Sonal Sabral, group CCO and vice-chairman, Ogilvy India, who had stepped into his new job very recently. Both have marked themselves safe.

The sixth Indian in the jury was TBWA India's CEO Govind Pandey. He could not go to Vegas because of a client commitment in India.

Meanwhile, the jury meet for the LIA progressed the next day. "The show must go on," posted Mahabaleshwarkar on his social media feed, along with the above pic.